Tuesday, May 18, 2010

football crazy

little einstein



awesome couple =)

designer bags and shoes part II

we love our bags and don't we love our shoes ladies??=)
a lovely hantaran set ordered by a good man to our good friend. congrats maya and izzwan!

classic chanel in black

birkin by hermes

bvlgari necklace, hermes scarf, and a birkin!too good to be true =) lucky lady's wish for a birkin on her birthday..how i wish i could be on the 5 year waiting list!

chrysanthemum and roses

an elegant simple cake decorated with white chrysanthemums and light peachy roses.

designer bags and shoes

pink hydrangeas

white orchids

gooseberry green tinted white orchids set against gooseberry fondant lightly dusted with sparkly white dust.

doctor who?