Sunday, January 3, 2010

orchids galore

our most challenging cake to date! our dearest friends syaheedah and ihsan had the loveliest reception in janda baik, pahang but my oh my! due to the size of each cake especially the base (16'' in diameter), we had to assemble the cake on location. and the bumpy car ride reminded us we need to upgrade our car with super cool suspensions :) after all..cake transportation = handle with care!!
we got there in the morning, stacked the cake, arranged the orchids, and added bits here and there, and voila! alhamdullilah, we managed to put it all together with not so much drama!
thank you syaheedah & ihsan and auntie haizah for allowing us to use your photos by Daniel Zain. as you can see, our photo of mum and asma' cannot even compare to their!!


{ anast filleunique } said...

cantik! how much does this costs? said...

Welcome Darling ,yes that beautiful cake buat drama hari tu ,heheheheheheh but we all loved it ,TQ TQ TQ and i only got to see it that night bila daH leper dah wooowwwww SEDAP GILE. bila rasa ,Drama pun tak pa, so SEDAP.hehehehehehhI am proud of you D.Jay and Kak Long and adek2 and Raisa dad yg tolong hantar kek tu....TQ again.

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