Sunday, April 25, 2010

louis vuitton multicolore beverly

a lucky gal received this bag ordered especially for her birthday today! inside is chocolate cake frosted with minty buttercream (inspired by after eight)


ash said...

hi! i am one of the lucky gal's friends who was lucky enough to eat the cake! it is beautiful and the cake is really nice! well done

Anonymous said...

masyaAllah! it's beautiful!! can i have this for my 30th birthday?

GATEAUX said...

@ash: thanks!glad you all enjoyed the cake!
@fawwa: insyallah!insyallah!hehehe..u nak cake or the real thing?=D

Wan said...

i love love love your cake designs! all of them! btw do u mind if i put a few of your cake pics in my blog? just for free promotion for your business and some fun for my blog.. thanks! :)

well done!!

Ain Zakaria said...

Hello there!
you did a GREAT job!!! the cake turns out extremely good inside out...many mistook it for a REAL LV bag (at first glance)!!! ahahaaa...

the chocolate cake + mint cream combination is soooo delicious!! simply irresistible!

TQ Gateaux-Licious for the job well done!!
Mr.sender & myself are both satisfied with the service!

p/s:some of my friends even requested for your contact numbers after seeing the LV cake! ;)

yannyroselee said...

beautiful!!! may i know the price? tq..


You had done a great art work, just like other pro- pastry chef at 5 star hotel.Good job!!
keep it up .

Exe Chef

Anonymous said...

wow! stunningly awesome!
love the details!
great job!

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