Sunday, December 13, 2009


this cake was fun!fun!fun!happy birthday airis and wish you many more to come..insyallah!


nina said...

hi I wanted to know how much the above cake cost? do you deliver to ampang? I'm planning our son's 1st birthday party with a farm-theme. Thanks.

GATEAUX said...

hi nina!why don't you email me your contact number and emails and i'll get back to you?ps:the cake is rm250.hope to hear from you soon!xxx

Anonymous said...

hi, a short testimonial. I'm Reena, Airis Auntie. We love the cake, it so cute! and Airis love it too she can't stop smiling looking at the cake as it is her fav show on tv! the cake pun sedap! we satisfied with the outcome. and would love to order more from you in the future. :)

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